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'Songs from Hurt is a troubling masterpiece. You will never listen to Songs from Hurt leisurely. It is art that makes you think, that makes you uncomfortable. It is also very moving, and that's where Iolini's talent lies. The relationship between word and sound, narrative and treatment, may bring forth references to musique concrete, but this album is more about documentaries and storytelling than about the music avant-garde.' ~ François Couture,
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'Iolini represents a new breed of electro-acoustic composer who puts his heart as well as his intellect into his work, and composes from a broad cultural perspective.' ~ Bill Tilland BBC Experimental Music Review. Read review

Iolini has two solo albums released on the ReR Label.
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Album Details:
ReR Megacorp ‎– ReR RI2
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 2005
Genre: Experimental, Art Rock, Radio Art, Documentary, Electronic

Worldwide release of Iolini's second solo album on British avant-garde music label ReR Megacorp.
"Robert transcends the divisions between music, documentary and radio art. The bulk of this CD is built around the extraordinary testimonies of aboriginal teenagers, prisoners and witnesses of a world in which the interviewees are continually told that they are surplus to requirements. All are set in musical frames - using both instrumental and environmental materials. The result is constantly gripping, scary and convincing. Truly remarkable and highly recommended. Sometimes a description can't do a record justice, you just have to hear it. Full texts and pictures". ~ Chris Cutler ReR Megacorp

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IOLINI - Electroacoustic, Chamber Ensemble, Soundscapes and works for radio.

Album Details
Label: ReR Megacorp ‎– ReR RI1
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 2000
Genre: Electronic, Modern Classical, Experimental

Worldwide release of Iolini's first solo album on British avant-garde music label ReR Megacorp.

"Some will remember Iolini's two great small ensemble compositions from an earlier quarterly. This collection concentrates more on his (prize-winning) tape works and includes the great Hong Kong changeover cityscape 'City In Between', extracts from works about Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu and Edwin Armstrong (inventor of FM modulation) as well as other radio works and three chamber pieces based on African rhythms. Enormous variety". Chris Cutler ReR Megacorp
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QUARTERLY, ReR: Vol 4 No. 2 CD
CD contains commissioned works by Q.R. Ghazala: Sacrifice To Isis, , Mike Hovancsek/Paul Guerguerian:Three Cold Floors, Tom Dimuzio: Inception, Marie Goyette: Short-Cuts: Brahms, Ken Ando: Danseuse, Robert Iolini: Congo, Zimbabwe, Giovanni Venosta: Le Ombre Di Otello, Keith Rowe/A. De Fillips: Feu Brilliant, Brian Woodbury's Variety Orchestra:Shenandoah/Innsbruck, Richard Barrett: The Unthinkable, Stevan Tickmayer: Heterophony, Volapuk: Des objets de la plus grande importance, Boris Kovacs: Extract, Philip Perkins: Virgo Ramayana, Shelley Hirsch/ Jon Rose/Chris Cutler: After Hours/The Colour Of Blood.
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Double exposure / The Listening Room
(1997, ABC Music) Out of Print. Compilation album featuring Iolini's Edwin Armstrong Overture.
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Soundscapes Be)for(e 2000
(2000, SSC) Out of Print. Compilation album featuring Iolini's prize winning Hong Kong: City in Between
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Unreleased Music by IOLINI

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