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‘Songs from Hurt is a troubling masterpiece. You will never listen to Songs from Hurt leisurely. It is art that makes you think, that makes you uncomfortable. It is also very moving, and that’s where Iolini’s talent lies. The relationship between word and sound, narrative and treatment, may bring forth references to musique concrete, but this album is more about documentaries and storytelling than about the music avant-garde.’ ~ François Couture ~ All Music Guide. Read full review.

‘Iolini represents a new breed of electro-acoustic composer who puts his heart as well as his intellect into his work, and composes from a broad cultural perspective.’ ~ Bill Tilland BBC Experimental Music Review. Read review



SONGS FROM HURT ReR RI2 CD UK 2005 Experimental, Art Rock, Electronic
Listen, Buy & Read at ReR Megacorp Label

iolini CD 01

IOLINI ReR RI1 CD UK 2000 Electronic, Modern Classical, Experimental
Listen, Buy & Read at ReR Megacorp Label or Bandcamp

iolini rer quarterly cd

QUARTERLY, ReR: Vol 4 No. 2 CD Features Iolini’s Congo & Zimbabwe. Buy ReR

Double Exposure / The Listening Room EMI ABC Music 1997 Features Iolini’s Edwin Armstrong Overture. Details Discogs

Soundscapes Be)for(e 2000 SSC NL Features Iolini’s prize winning Hong Kong: City in Between. Details Discogs

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