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Robert (Roberto) Iolini  is an internationally recognised composer, radio producer and filmmaker. His creative experience incorporates twenty years of producing innovative works that are stylistically diverse and united by a philosophical approach. Iolini makes art about humans and how we behave in contemporary cultural environments.

He is a prize-winning composer whose compositions encompass a wide range of musical idioms and are constantly evolving. He has written for chamber ensembles and theatre and composed numerous large-scale electro-acoustic works for radio broadcast. He has two critically acclaimed solo albums released on British avant-garde music label ReR Megacorp.

Iolini’s compositions for radio present multi-layered narratives featuring spoken and sung vocals. Several of these works have been nominated for international awards including his piece Hong Kong: City in Between which was a prize-winner in the Soundscapes (be)for(e) 2000 festival in Amsterdam.

He has worked on numerous socially engaged theatre projects and spent ten years as musical director with Australia’s leading arts and social change organisation, Big hART.

Iolini’s compositions are as much about telling stories as organising sound. His passion to communicate extra-musical ideas led him to filmmaking, which he approaches from a musical perspective, working directly with the visual material as if composing music. His films have been shown at numerous international festivals or art galleries.

Iolini’s most ambitious film project  The Hong Kong Agent – 18 short films about Hong Kong,  exists as a film series, gallery installation, radio art, online interactive and augmented reality.

He currently works out of Studio Syncandi [sɪn ˈkændi] —  an independent art and production studio he founded in Kyoto Japan in 2015.

Iolini holds a Master of Arts degree in advanced composition from Macquarie University, Sydney Australia. His thesis was on Simultaneity in Music.