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'is It Art Or Fact Movie Making Myth

Is it Art or Fact?  Movie Making Myth #1

Greetings, fellow film industry professionals. In a series of upcoming articles I’d like to share my experience producing a high-quality narrative feature film on a minimal budget, a process that may interest both seasoned producers and potential investors looking for innovative approaches in the current market. The focus will be on creative approaches to content creation and production. In due course I will share our experiences with alternative approaches to distribution.  

The film in question is ART e FACT, a science fiction mystery driven by upbeat music and smart dialogue. We’re currently submitting it to relevant film festivals, with an eye on a 2025 official release. For those interested in the project’s details, you can find more information on our IMDb page: ART e FACT Film

My approach to this production is somewhat unconventional, leveraging my multidisciplinary background. In addition to producing, I’ve taken on roles including writing, directing, composing, sound design, and editing. This comprehensive involvement, while demanding, allows for a unique level of creative control and cost efficiency.

The genesis of ART e FACT is rooted in a transmedia approach that I’ve developed over years:

1. It began with a feature-length screenplay I wrote in 2012.

2. This evolved into SYNCANDI, a comic series I started publishing in 2016 through my STUDIO SYNCANDI online publishing platform set up for this purpose.

3. In 2018, while based in Kyoto, I initiated “I in the 22nd Century” (i22), an ambitious transmedia art project encompassing visual art, music, videos, and installations.

This transmedia strategy was partially inspired by the Japanese entertainment industry’s “Media Mix” marketing approach. Since the mid-1990s, I’ve been exploring ways to repurpose and extend IP across various media, including theatre, radio, and music production.

During the 2020 pandemic, I refocused my efforts on creating a feature film series set in the i22 universe, with ART e FACT as the inaugural film. Owning or having licences for all i22 IP allows for seamless integration of existing artworks into each film, enhancing production value while controlling costs.

In 2021, my production partner, Emi Morita, and I relocated to Italy to further develop ART e FACT. This move was facilitated by a two-month residency with L’Estruch in Sabadell Catalonia, a Barcelona-based performing arts organisation, providing us with technical support, studio spaces, and accommodation.

A crucial step in our process was shooting a 22-minute proof-of-concept film in Barcelona in November 2022. This R&D phase proved invaluable from both logistical and technical perspectives. We handled multiple production roles ourselves, hiring only essential local talent – two actresses and a cinematographer.

Our objectives for this proof-of-concept included:

– Testing scenes and dialogues from the feature screenplay

– Assessing achievable results with minimal crew and budget

– Evaluating our production skills

– Experiencing international, English-language production

– Understanding micro-budget filmmaking dynamics

Key learnings from this experience:

1. A positive philosophy significantly enhances productivity and problem-solving.

2. High production values are achievable on modest budgets with strategic planning.

3. Thorough preparation is crucial, regardless of production scale.

4. A lean crew allows for greater adaptability to changing circumstances.

5. A clear, resource-based artistic vision is essential.

6. Understanding team capabilities is critical for accurate scheduling.

7. ADR can be effectively managed even for longer productions with proper planning.

In essence, our approach emphasises flexibility, creative problem-solving, deep understanding of content and vision, experimentation, and maintaining an enjoyable, productive work environment.

I believe this methodology not only results in cost-effective, high-quality productions but also opens up new possibilities in the current filmmaking landscape. For producers and investors looking for innovative approaches to maximise ROI while maintaining creative integrity, this model could prove particularly interesting.

Considering the positive results of our initial investment in the R&D for ART e FACT we decided to go ahead and pursue the possibility of producing a feature film. In the next articles I’ll be sharing more of our film production adventures. 

I’m open to discussing potential collaborations or sharing more detailed insights about our process. Feel free to connect if you’d like to explore how this approach might benefit your upcoming projects or investment strategies in the film industry.

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