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ART e FACT Movie Poster 1

ART e FACT homage to late 60’s auteur films

“ART e FACT” salutes 60’s and 70’s auteur films, underscoring the era’s spirit of innovation and rebellion in cinema. The film series celebrates human creativity and critical thinking, mirroring Art House cinema’s lasting charm, which broke Hollywood’s norms with bold storytelling, embodying the decade’s social revolutions and optimism.

Art E Fact Day 5 Still 2 1200x675

SYNCANDI Transmedia Art project becomes a Feature Film

My SYNCANDI Transmedia Art project has become a Feature Film called ART e FACT. You can follow news about ART e FACT in this blog. The film showcases original artworks, comics and music that I commissioned and produced for the SYNCANDI transmedia project between 2016 – 2021. I’m super excited to see the creative talent…

Art E Fact Day 7 Still 02 Web

ART e FACT Film (Post Production)

Feature film written, directed and produced by Robert Iolini. Science fiction, mystery – In a deceptively idyllic society, a disheartened young singer finds inspiration when her songs help bring about a visionary revolution. IMDB We are currently in Post Production – Join our Mailing List for Release Dates. Completed ten day film shoot in Barcelona…

Art E Fact Film Still 2023

ART e FACT Shoot Wrapped!

The production team of ART e FACT is pleased to announce that the principal photography of the film has been successfully completed. ART e FACT is a sci-fi feature film that explores the impact of creativity and criticism on a society ruled by an authoritarian regime. The film is written and directed by Robert Iolini…

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ART e FACT: A visionary feature film in the making

We are excited to announce that Robert Iolini’s new film, ART e FACT, a sci-fi intrigue about the effect of creativity and criticism on an authoritarian society, has been cast and is scheduled for a July 2023 shoot on location in Barcelona, Spain. British actress, model and singer, Andrea Tivadar, has been cast in the…