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Art E Fact Animated Title 840x410

ART e FACT Feature Film

ART e FACT is the first feature film in the i22 series. Robert Iolini has completed an 80-page script and has composed ten songs for the film. The movie will also include artworks commissioned by us for the SYNCANDI installation project.

GENRE: Science fiction, mystery


LOGLINE: In a deceptively idyllic society, a disheartened young singer finds inspiration when her songs help an underground organisation bring about a visionary revolution.

THEMES: Art e Fact is an optimistic story that demonstrates that the only way for a culture to thrive and survive is for it to break free from the tyranny of authority by embracing creativity and criticism. The main character Yu,  personifies this philosophy as she learns to use her creativity to grow from a fearful static person to a free, dynamic person who can think and act rationally. Her personal evolution is mirrored by that of her society. 

VISUALS: The minimalist aesthetic, unobtrusive technology, and elegant, understated fashion create a timeless look.

SOUND: The action is driven by a through-composed musical score featuring original songs that function as sonic snapshots that mark the chapters of Yu’s emotional progress. Diegetic and non-diegetic sounds, together with dialogues, are meticulously composed. The overall soundtrack adds a dramatic and dreamlike quality to the restrained realism of the visuals.


Yu: Her persistent co-dependence and low self-esteem have left her emotionally vulnerable. That is, until she discovers the healing power of her latent creativity. 

The Hipster: A close friend and mentor of Yu. She’s an enigmatic, self-confident, highly intelligent young woman, whose broad knowledge enables her to survive and thrive. 

Agent B: With his philosophical, melancholic disposition and conflicted loyalties, his days as a government intelligence agent are numbered.


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