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New Feature Film Series Project

I in the 22nd Century

Sci-Fi feature film series presents optimistic narratives that demonstrate how practising creativity and criticism at all levels can allow a culture to thrive and survive by freeing itself from the tyranny of authority. The narratives explore moral issues around Artificial General Intelligence (AGI),  synthetic biology, cultural progress and political rule. The messages are universal.

The i22 project is inspired by  David Deutsch’s writings on optimism, creativity and cultural memes and Karl Popper’s Critical Rationalism. I discovered David Deutsch back in 2012, when a friend gave me Deutsch’s book The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World. Since then I’ve re-read the entire book many times, and several sections many more times. The book has transformed my world view. Deutsch introduced me to the writings of Karl Popper and Jacob Bronowski which are valuable enhancements to my relatively new optimistic world view.  




DEUTSCH explains optimism at Warp News.

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